Delicious Ways to Strengthen Your Health by Reducing Salt in Your Diet


If you’re like most Americans, you may be endangering your health by eating an excessive amount of salt. Too much salt can put you at risk for high blood pressure, heart disease, and stroke.

Government guidelines recommend no more than 2,300 mg per day of sodium for people over the age of 2. That’s about 1 teaspoon of salt a day. In reality, the average American eats more than 3,400 mg a day, which is about 50% too much. The main culprits are processed and prepared foods which account for about 80% of this total.

The good news is that there are steps you can take now to reduce your personal consumption of salt and sodium. There are also things you can do to help ensure that the food industry offers better low-salt options in the future.

Try these simple techniques to cut back on salt without sacrificing flavor:

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Following Through With Your Weight Loss Plan


If you’ve ever felt frustrated because you struggled to complete a task or achieve a goal, like weight management,  you understand the importance of self-discipline. Working to improve your self-discipline is a challenge that will take a bit of effort, but the results will be well worth your time.


Having self-discipline means not requiring anyone else to know about what you’re doing or why. All you need is to know within yourself that you want something badly enough to achieve it, no matter what.


Try these tips to increase your weight loss self-discipline:

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Essential Nutrition: Ensure You’re Getting Enough Vitamin D

You probably know that vitamin D is important for strong bones, but new research shows that it packs many additional health benefits as well. Even though our bodies make this nutrient naturally when we’re exposed to sunlight, more than one billion people worldwide suffer from a deficiency.

These are the basic facts about vitamin D and easy ways to ensure you’re getting enough.

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Slipping Exercise Into Your Daily Routine Without Effort

Many people say that they simply don’t have the time to exercise. While this may be perfectly true in a fast paced world, there are certain things you can do to incorporate exercise into your daily life without allotting much time for it.

When it comes to exercise, it all starts with a good attitude and a little bit of action each day. It’s a common misconception to believe that you need to engage in strict dieting or lengthy and vigorous exercise routines in order to stay in shape. It simply isn’t true!

Try some of these tips in order to slip exercise into your daily routine:

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Achieving Supreme Health with Affirmations

Many of us wish to lose weight or get in better shape. Perhaps you’re concerned about your health and have made the decision to take better care of your body. Are there things you could be doing to be healthier? If so, you’re not alone!

When you choose the right foods and exercise, you’ll look and feel better, reduce your stress levels, sleep more soundly, have more energy, and enjoy better health. Sometimes, though, making the right choices isn’t as easy as it sounds, is it?

The good news is there are some simple things you can do to help make positive choices and achieve the better health you deserve!

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Eating Healthy on a Budget

Eating Healthy on a Budget

With the economic situation in the world being what it is, it’s important to find ways of eating healthy on a budget. It’s possible to purchase foods that are good for you and your budget; you merely have to plan ahead to get the best food you can for the money you have available.

Having a plan and sticking to it can help you get more food at less cost and allow you to prepare better, more healthy meals.

Here are some tips to help you succeed in eating healthy on a budget:

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