slenderherbs™ adopts an evidence-based approach to your health and overall wellbeing. Our herbal weight management system has, at its core, the most up-to-date benchmark findings in neuroscience, herbalism and cognitive behavior therapy.  Our science driven approach has empowered slenderherbs™ to create the most effective, comprehensive and successful herbal weight release system. Which ultimately, “inpowers you for the best shape of your life”.

“The best science for the best shape of your life.”


slenderherbs™ scientifically rigorous, evidence-based approach for vibrant health & wellness is detailed here:


Evidence Statement 1:

There is  an indisputable physics principle for weight loss; Fewer Calories = Less Weight. Although simplistic in nature, this is the one of the most difficult skills for people to acquire. Overeating must be mastered to overcome a weight imbalance.  The slenderherbs™ weight management system provides the solution to this obstacle with our 100% natural slenderherbs™ herbal supplement.


SlenderHerbs Credible Strategy I:
Herbal Supplement

The all natural slenderherbs™ Herbal Supplement helps you to combat the struggle with caloric balance.  slenderherbs™ gives you the ability to naturally regulate your food intake, to consume less calories and to get in touch with your body’s genuine needs, from your first use. Your food triggers, compulsive eating habits and cravings are counteracted by our powerful Synergistic 6 formulation. This the first and foundational step to bring greater awareness to your dietary and lifestyle choices, as well as, empowers you to employ the remaining slenderherbs™ evidence-based system components, with the greatest ease and ultimate success.


“slenderherbs™ = caloric deficit = guaranteed weight release”


Evidence Statement 2: 

Most commercial diet programs tell you what to eat, when to eat, how to eat, how often to eat and many even package the food for you. Guess what? Your brain rejects that dieting mentality. It creates cognitive dissonance and sabotages your success. Science proves, you must have ownership over your nutrition plan.


SlenderHerbs Credible Strategy 2:

Education & Success Tools

A study published by the New England Journal of Medicine demonstrates conclusive evidence for long term weight management success.

  1. People who attend classes for an average of 8-10 weeks, lose more weight.
  2. People who are engaged with class homework, lose more weight.
  3. People who design their own nutrition plans, lose more weight.

slenderherbs™ responds with a thoughtful education plan designed especially for you; it undermines the commercial weight loss programs. We have developed a solid 12 week educational program that arms you the knowledge and tools to guide you in crafting your own nutritional plan based on conclusive scientific evidence. The homework is engaging and fun. The brief daily time investment is negligible when compared to the lifetime of of positive gains your five minutes of time produces.


“slenderherbs™ favors informed choice”


Evidence Statement 3:

One of the best predictors of weight gain was having lost weight on a diet, at some point. People gained weight consistently. The weight gain was so typical that scientists found dieting to be a key indicator of future gain in weight.

Key findings:

  1. the majority of people who go on diets regain all the weight.
  2. the majority of the people on diet put all the weight back on shortly after dieting and even more weight gain in a long term perspective.
  3. at least one-third to two-thirds of people on diets regain more weight than they lost within four or five years


If the evidence clearly demonstrates that dieting & dieting programs consistently fail and do not work, what does work?


SlenderHerbs Credible Strategy 3:
Mindful Eating Strategies

Losing weight is not about weight…

It is not about deprivation, starvation, calorie counting and excessive exercise. Weight release it is about releasing destructive and disordered relationship with our food and embracing patterns and behaviors that focus on the process of building a harmonious, healthful and healing food relationship.

Mindfulness and mindful eating has demonstrated conclusive scientific proof that it has the powerful potential to transform people’s relationship to food and eating, to improve overall health, body image, relationships and self-esteem.

slenderherbs and its mindful education program puts your food relationship in the proper perspective and guides you into a lifestyle of wellbeing with your weight.

Diets fail primarily because they focus on the outcomes of weight loss instead the process of dietary behaviors. Mindfulness is a process that becomes more about self-care, and is a fundamental step in breaking out of the habitual habits that sabotage your weight balance, health balance and overall life balance.


“mindfulness has at its core the fundamental practices for creating lasting, transformative, positive change”


Evidence Statement 4: 

When you are struggling with your weight, many individuals develop a negative body image and engage in negative rumination. Overweight individuals are also exposed to negative messages by the media and the larger society. These negative thoughts illicit negative metal   triggers and subconsciously sabotage your weight management goals. slenderherbs™ challenges that.


SlenderHerbs Credible Strategy 4:
Cognitive Priming & Positive Psychology

“One of the most intriguing discoveries in research on social cognition is that our actions are directly produced by mental representations of these actions”,  according to a recent study on Cognitive Priming. Research has also shown that the affects of priming can impact the decision-making process. This affirms that your mindset is transformational, you must reshape your mind in order to reshape your body.  Cognitive Priming is directly linked to the motivation and action centers of your brain. so that if one concept is activated, then concepts related to it are also activated. The mental network works like this;  if a particular concept is activated, then concepts related to it are also activated in a mood-congruent and behavior-congruent manner. In other words, we prime your success by creating  positive reflections, images, and affirmations related to healthy lifestyle behaviors and conscious nutrition choices. This strategy positively influences mood and behavior associations in your life. This is a fancy way of saying you can intentionally induce healthful moods and behaviors, that ultimately aids in improving your body image and your overall weight loss success.


“a well trained mind empowers you to supercharge your  & overcome success blocks regarding weight challenges.”

Evidence Statement 5:

Most of us know that stress wreaks havoc on our bodies and impair healthy development; but did you know stress also sabotages a healthy weight balance? Yes, its true.  According to the Journal of Neuroscience, “

Current weight loss treatments that predominantly focus on appetite reduction, contribute to weight loss treatment resistance and failure, especially that of the involvement of stress pathways.

Most specifically, diets which focus on deprivation and caloric restrictions, such a counting calories and points, “would produce changes in stress neurocircuitry leading to a subsequent increased stress sensitivity and tendency to overconsume high-fat food.

The study concluded by sharing its findings that suggest, “that the stress associated with moderate caloric restriction promotes long-term alterations in genes critical in feeding and reward circuitry that influence food intake and stress-related behaviors,” including binge eating!


SlenderHerbs Credible Strategy 5: Relaxation Therapy

Relaxation Therapy may be the greatest deterrent to stress. slenderherbs™ utilizes state-of-the-art binaural beat technology to promote relaxation and meditative calm.  How does this benefit you and your weight harmonizing goals?

As appreciation grows for the mind-body connection, more people are discovering the benefits of relaxation and mediative therapies for weight management.

1. Relieve anxiety. Emotional eating can be a big obstacle for many dieters. Relaxation techniques help to  relieve stress and will help you feel more peaceful. Over time, you’ll find more constructive methods for managing your emotions.

2. Improve your self-esteem. Sticking to your weight management commitments is easier when you feel good. Relieving stress and entering into a relaxed state improves your overall wellness and helps you to feel great.

3. Strengthen your motivation. To keep a healthy weight balance, it’s important to sustain your motivation over the long haul. Building a strong mental foundation for your nutrition needs will make it easier to resist temptation even when there’s another birthday cake being passed around the office.

4. Promotes Mindfullness. Self-monitoring is one of the most effective tactics for weight release. The mindfulness you develop during your relaxation sessions can carry over throughout the day to keep you from eating on the run or while watching TV. Learn to savor live and savor every bite instead.


“the comprehensive slenderherbs™ wellness approach transforms stress into success”

Evidence Statement 6:

You’ve got a goal, so what’s standing in the way of your achievement; your daily habits. You daily disciplines or lack thereof become your habit nature. Right now the body that is staring at you in the mirror, the food that is on your plate and the way you think about your self; directly relates to your habit nature. A simple, yet proven cognitive behavior therapy strategy can help you better attend to your negative habits and create counterstrategies to advance your success.  


SlenderHerbs Credible Strategy 6:
Commitment Therapy

Its simple; but it yields radical results. Slenderherbs helps you document your way out of self-doubt and transcend the negative habits standing in between your weight loss goal and your actual achievement. Our daily commitment practice helps you to invest in yourself and unequivocally commit to positively changing your relationship with food. The best thing is it takes less than 5 minutes a day to create a lifestyle of lasting change.


“ slenderherbs™ provides you with the science and the strategies to make your commitment to weight management real & attainable”